“I made my living as a teacher/author of business subjects but have been painting and drawing my whole life. When I retired as a teacher I moved from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Glendale, Arizona and opened the Kindergarten Art Studio where I specialize in contemporary art that celebrates aspects of life that most of us take for granted. My work, which is categorized as contemporary naive, has an elementary style which, it is hoped, will bring a smile to the viewers face. Because I’m self-taught I feel less inhibited–both technically and emotionally. I try to rely on my natural artistic talent and intuition. It allows me the freedom to make mistakes. I feel free to do things incorrectly in order to come up with something that works. It’s during this discovery phase that new ideas emerge. I find this process very satisfying.”

One art critic (Arizona Republic) said: “Mr. Mason revels in testing the boundaries of perception. He creates two-dimensional images which veer slightly off center. The exaggeration of scale of his images suggests a stylistic naivete: a certain primitivism often associated with narrative folk art. Mr. Mason’s paintings resemble drawings made by a youngster in elementary school: uninhibited, running a bit amok but full of joy. They make one grin.” Mr. Mason’s work is in private and corporate collections on four continents. His awards are so numerous they have not been included here for brevity’s sake.