“Many photographers will tell you that each place in the world has a unique ambient light that is as distinctive to that region as DNA is to human beings. My paintings are abstractions of landscapes and still-life scenes using the pallet of colors one can see in an Arizona sunset or in a field of wildflowers in the spring. This brings an emotional weight to the final result.”

In addition to being the incredibly capable Gallery Director at Esprit Decor Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona, Robert is, as you will see, an amazingly gifted artist, producing large scale canvases with astounding depth and complexity.
His works are truly unique, involving the application of oils, acrylics, pastels and opaque watercolor in multiple layers on the same canvas, in addition to painting on built up layers of gesso, portions of which are sanded away to reveal previous layers.

The ultimate result is a depth and luminosity that mere “painting” cannot equal, yielding a dimensionality rarely seen in works on canvas. A recent edition of Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine prominently featured a stunning Phoenix Firefighter’s new home which was graced by seven (7) of Robert’s works.When Scottsdale’s wildly successful Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar (think tapas and vino) needed cutting edge artwork to go with their award winning culinary masterpieces, they chose three of Robert’s masterpieces to create the perfect ambience at their gorgeous new location.